Sport | Superbowl XLVIII – Seattle ride Broncos to Championship victory

A hugely dominant Seattle Seahawks thrashed the Denver Broncos to secure their first ever Championship win at Super Bowl XLVIII.

On paper, the game had a fascinating match up as Peyton Manning and his record-breaking offence were matched against the Seahawks number-one ranking defence in the NFL. However the game proved to be a total mismatch as a faltering Broncos were totally overrun by the Seattle defence, which can now be looked at as one of the best ever.

Things went wrong for Manning and the Broncos offence from the very first snap of the game. Manning stepped up to the offensive line just as the ball was snapped, which flew past his head and into the end zone where it was recovered by the Broncos for a safety.

The game was barely 12 seconds in and the quickest score in Super Bowl history meant the Seahawks led 2-0 and significantly gained possession for the start of both halves. Steven Hauschka kicked a field goal from the next drive to put the Seahawks 5-0 up.

The Broncos offence could not get going as the Seahawks defence forced a succession of three and outs, before Hauschka added another field goal to put the Seahawks 8-0 up.

For all their domination, the Seahawks had failed to convert in the red zone for a touchdown and the Broncos were still very much in the game. As Manning attempted to get the Broncos offence going he came under huge pressure from a blitz and threw a floated pass, which was intercepted by Kam Chancellor. On the subsequent drive a pass interception call was given against the Broncos, which saw Marshawn Lynch charge in for a one yard touchdown, making the score 15-0 to the Seahawks.

As the first half two minute warning approached, Manning and the offence finally got some rhythm going on a drive that they desperately needed to convert into some points. But as Denver made it into Seahawks territory, Manning came under pressure on a third down and his throwing arm was caught which resulted in Malcolm Smith intercepting the ball and carrying in a 69 yard touchdown. At half-time the Broncos offence had been kept from scoring in a half for the first time all season, as the Seahawks defence totally dominated.

The second-half began almost in the same fashion as the first, as Percy Harvin weaved through three tackles to return the kick off for an 87 yard touch down, just 12 seconds into the half. With the score at 29-0 the game looked effectively over even for the record breaking Broncos offence.

There could be absolutely no doubt of the result when Jermaine Kearse caught a Russell Wilson pass, spun through two Broncos defenders and scored another touch down for the Seahawks. The Broncos finally got on the board and avoided a shut out in the last play of the third quarter as Manning connected with Demaryius Thomas.

A successful two point conversion by Wes Welker put the score at 36-8 but with one quarter remaining the Seahawks could already begin to celebrate. Both Wilson and Lynch spent much of the fourth quarter on the side lines during Seahawks drives. When on the field Wilson added another touchdown as he completed to Doug Baldwin.

This meant the final score was 43-8 as the number one defence made a mockery the number one offence.

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