Fashion | Valentine's Gift Guide

Singletons, look away now, St Valentine has arrived. Right, you loved up ladies, if you’re finding yourself awkwardly skirting around the question of ‘are we/aren’t we?’ in fear that you do and they don’t, leave this gift guide open somewhere he will definitely stumble upon it and he’ll surely take the hint. You could even print it out and circle a few, just to be sure.

From light-hearted earphones and egg-shapers to fully-fledged romantic hampers and long-stemmed roses, we’ve covered all bases – with a touch of lace for tradition’s sake. So whether you (that’s you, yes you, who have stumbled upon this article) want to really push the boat out for that long-term lover, or just want to make a good first impression on a new flame, this guide has a whole range of treats that are guaranteed to earn you some back yourself.

Charlotte Teather



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