News | Met student Neks drink in Uni lecture

Two Leeds Met students have taken NekNominate to a new level by accepting to perform the challenge during a lecture at Leeds Uni.

The students sneaked into the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, with one disguising himself as a Uni student whilst the other secretly filmed the event.

The lecture room burst into laughter as the Met student blew a loud horn to announce his challenge. The Met students then ran out of the room as the displeased lecturer walked towards them.

Jamie Studdert-Kennedy, a First year, Politics student who witnessed the event, told LS: “My first thought was that it was a welcome relief from my lecture and a nice variation to the NekNomination videos. I understand it as being good, light hearted fun, although that clearly depends on how far people take it.”

The video has so far received over 26,000 likes on one Facebook page which shared the video. NekNomination is the drinking craze that has people across the globe on the edge of their seats as anyone can be challenged to take part. The concept is simple: down an alcoholic drink on camera, nominate someone else to do the same and give them 24 hours to post their own video. Other NekNominates at Leeds have included students stripping down to their underwear.

One Third year, Politics student braved the contents of the fountain outside of Roger Stevens for her shot challenge. She told LS: “it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but had a gross aftertaste. It was just really cold and I think the thought of what could have been in there was what was a bit disgusting.”­­

Jack Hardy

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