Music | The Grammys – the latest TV show?

Every year the world’s most prestigious award ceremony spews forth some fresh controversy. In true musical fashion it is usually related to the ‘commercialisation’ of the Grammy’s award ceremony. But for me, the Grammy’s has stopped being a musical accolade altogether. With its gimmicks, shoddy presenting and veritable host of adverts intent on gutting your soul and draining it into a cup of corporate juice, it has simply become a TV show, nothing more.

It is the gaping and frankly embarrassing mistakes made in the musical aspect of the awards which make it appear amateur.  The last time I checked Ed Sheeran was a “new” artist way back in 2011 (I know that and I don’t even like him) so why was he nominated for ‘Best New Artist’ for 2013? The fact that Imagine Dragons won ‘Best Rock Performance’ for their song Radioactive is also beyond comprehension seeing as they don’t have a single Rock ‘n’ Roll bone in their body. The distinct lack of both Bastille and the Arctic Monkeys at the ceremony, who enjoyed numerous successes this year, proved that the Grammy’s has become little more than an ‘obvious choice awards show’.

Google the top three artists of 2013, share the awards amongst them and then wait for next year. Even the awards process was rather farcical; after receiving arguably the highest musical accolade these artists were given some 30 seconds to bask in its golden glow before literally being rushed from the stage like citizens being ushered into bomb shelters. It’s not that I want to watch an epic ego feeding speech from every artist; it’s the fact that instead of hearing from the musicians, I was treated to a host of mediocre actors and frankly terrible presenters make up the next gimmicky visual aid. Julia Roberts can act well with Mr. Grant but she can’t present awards and she sparks no interest in music.

With all that said, there are brief moments of brilliance at the Grammys and indeed this year’s ceremony was no exception. Watching the Beatles perform will always put faith back into music but also proved that they still prop it up with their lengthy legacy. Once again it’s the simple mistakes from the Grammy’s which manage to bring proceedings back to its horribly commercial roots as a lovely commercial for Chevrolet cars blocked out the view of  Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails and some guy called Dave Grohl ripping the stage apart. Naturally I wanted to rush out of my door and purchase one of these fine vehicles immediately and if you don’t see the sarcasm in the statement, please stop reading. Did I mention that they had a ‘social presenter’ to let us all know the music stars’ Twitter updates? Well for me that sums up the Grammy’s, with a feast of talent present, it chooses to gorge itself on the empty calories. As I said it’s not a bad awards show, it just isn’t an awards show anymore.

Dominic Moffitt 

photo: doandroidsdance

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