News | Delayed exam adds to stress

Three exams were delayed by an hour and a half, as well as some students being given an incomplete exam paper.

LS spoke to an MBA student whose three hour Business Accounting exam was affected. He claimed that over 200 students were victim to the mistake.

The student said that there was “No break to freshen up in between the long delay and the start of the exam” and that it was “uncomfortable and very draining.”

He added that the chief invigilator encouraged students to file a complaint to the University and
the Union.

He claims students were repeatedly informed it would be a 10 minute wait, however the delay went on for an hour and a half.

The University explained that the process of retrieval, copying and distribution took longer than anticipated. A spokesperson said: “The University is sorry for the disruption caused. We have apologised to students and steps have been taken to ensure that any of the students taking part in these exams are not disadvantaged. A more robust system will be implemented for future examinations.”

The decision to delay the exam was taken by staff as rescheduling would have been difficult to arrange and would have disrupted revision plans.

The University received one formal complaint. The Business School has advised module leaders and markers to note any apparent anomalies on performance that may have resulted from the delay students experienced.

Details of the situation and the provisional marks will be shared and discussed with external examiners. The school’s Examination Board will also be made aware of the incident.

Maddy Keating

Photo: Sam Broadley

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