Music | 10 reasons why Justin Bieber isn't all that bad

Justin Bieber’s wild partying, paparazzi altercating and inebriated driving antics have dominated the tabloids for some time – a far cry from the baby-faced innocence the teenage heart-throb once held. His recent misconduct seems to suggest that he’s suffering from a severe case of his own Bieber fever. However, putting tabloid madness aside, here are some reasons why Justin may not be all that bad:


1.  In 2011, he donated a staggering $100,000 to the low-income Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas. Alongside bringing Christmas cheer, he performed for the students and took part in a meet and greet.



2. He donates $1 from every ticket sale of his show to Pencils of Promise, who strive to increase educational opportunities for those in the developing world.



 3. He cut a lock of his trademark hair and auctioned it on eBay for charity. It sold for a whopping $40,668! 



4. He donated $10,000 to a food bank in Canada.



5. He tries to motivate and inspire his fans at his shows. Wise words, Justin.



6. He always tries to meet with his fans, and is a master of the ‘pose hold’.



7. He regularly visits children from the Make A Wish foundation who dedicate themselves to making the dreams of children battling life threatening diseases come true.



8. He started the Believe Charity Drive which allocates funds from his album sales towards charities he’s invested in.



9.  In 2012, he helped rebuild a local skatepark in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario. He raised money by autographing a sports car and auctioning it on eBay.



10. He donated $500,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation and presented the check during a performance in Toronto. A true angel.



                               It’s true, Justin may be going through a few issues of his own.


But we should take the time to appreciate the charitable actions he has performed and the causes he continues to support. It’s time to BELIEBE.

Josh Taylor

photos: Tumblr

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