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Doncaster voted fattest town

Doncaster has been voted the second fattest town in the UK. Over 74.4% of the town’s inhabits would be classed as overweight or obese according to Public Health England. Yorkshire was polled as Britain’

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s second fattest county, with 67.9% of its citizens struggling with weight issues.

Leeds Union renamed Mandela?

Leeds student, Simon Hoyte has submitted an idea to name Leeds Union after Nelson Mandela. Hoyte argues that the Union should honour what Mandela fought for and his close ties with the city.

Kirkgate Market makeover
Kirkgate Market will undergo a £12 million revamp this year. The historic market will be reconstructed and expanded to increase the trading hub’s footfall. In order to meet the demands of their modern clientele, the market has also established an online delivery service and boasts more than 11,000 followers on its twitter account.

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