News | Lecture podcasts introduced

The University will make lecture podcasts available from September.

Lecture theatres will see audio-visual equipment installed to allow students to watch and listen at home.

Education Officer, Alice Smart explained: ‘All too often, clicking through lecture slides is the only option for revising’, claiming the scheme will help students who ‘learn in different ways’.

Some courses already offer lecture podcasts.

Speaking to LS, a first-year medic said: ‘Sometimes, it would be valuable to pause the lecture and go through at my own pace’. However, she thought students may ‘skip their 9am lecture after a night out’.

Senior Lecturer in French, Dr Richard Hibbitt told LS that podcasts were a ‘good idea’, provided students use them as a ‘supplement to attending lectures and not an alternative’. He added: ‘I’ve already been experimenting with recording some lectures this year’.

Students and lecturers would have the choice to opt out of recording.

Charlotte Mason

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