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As we arrive at the beginning of February, with our New Year’s resolutions to be less sad and lonely still fresh in our mind, LSi is offering five student dating ideas for those of you struggling for ideas to set you on your way.

Dining differently

It’s very easy to play it safe when going for food and go to Nandos or Pizza Express. However it is a bit unimaginative. In a city like Leeds there are hundreds of independent restaurants that do nicer food for a similar price and you may even trick your date into thinking you’re a bit more sophisticated than you are. (LSi’s Gastronaut review section is a great source of inspiration, hint hint).

Contemplate cocktails

Going for a drink with a date is the easiest way to get to know them, but it’s not very exciting. With so many good cocktail bars, there are plenty of places to make going for drinks a bit more interesting. Inevitably if you or your date are not overly confident conversation may stutter, so try ordering a cocktail for the other person based on what you judge of them so far, that’s bound to get some sort of conversation going, for better or worse.

Cinema cynicism

Going to the cinema is good with friends or if you’ve been with the person for a while, but it’s the most anti-social dating idea available, it’s essentially sitting in silence with your date for two hours. You may have a safe topic of conversation for when you leave, but if you’re struggling that much to hold a conversation with your date you probably aren’t going to want a second anyway.

Cheap and cheerful

If, like many students, bus fares going up 10p is a genuine worry in your life, then you may be looking for a cheaper option. Visiting one of the many parks or historic sites around Leeds is ideal, such as Roundhay Park and Kirkstall Abbey. It’s a situation where there’s no real distractions forcing you to talk and get to know your date. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain.

Competitive companionship

It’s not unfair to assume that there is an air of competitiveness amongst Leeds University students. This can be easily harnessed to make a date more interesting; whether it’s bowling, bar games or learning to climb in The Edge. As long as you don’t go over the top and kick off if your date wins, you should have fun doing something together where you’re both in your element.

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