News | Councillors grilled at Question Time

Leeds City Councillors were scrutinised by students on Wednesday.

Councillors were questioned on issues including housing, transport and crime.

Labour Councillor Neil Walshaw announced the introduction of an Oyster Card scheme from 2015/16. He called for “sustained investment” in public transport, cycle lanes and a bus network, adding that it is “in the public interest”.

Following last year’s Tequila scandal, Liberal Democrat Jonathan Bentley described the need for “good licensing enforcement”.

LS spoke to student Jonathan Pryor, who is running to be Labour’s Headingley Councillor. Pryor said: “It’s important to have a police presence. We’re fighting to retain Police Community Officers and police horses”. He stressed the importance of working with residences to “speed up the process of catching criminals”.

Pryor expressed the need to improve the rail link between Burley Park and Headingley, criticising the Government’s failure to invest in transport in the north.

He also announced the possibility of a “universal bin” pilot, which would see fewer bins and more collections in Hyde Park.

Charlotte Mason

Photo: Leo Garbutt

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