News | School splashes thousands on new name

The University’s Institute of Communications Studies has spent nearly £2,000 to change its name.

ICS consulted student reps and staff last semester over a potential name change and this week announced that they will be changing their name to School of Media and Communications (or sMaC for short). The re-branding will take place over the summer.

An email sent to ICS students gave three reasons for the name change, including the fact that the word ‘institute’ gives the impression of a research centre rather than a teaching school and that the word “media” was previously absent from the title.

Bethany Klein, the Head of ICS and senior lecturer, said: “We’re recognised in the field as one of the top media and communication departments in the country but the current name means that sometimes colleagues within the University aren’t certain of what we do.”

She added: “It will also differentiate us from the communications team, which will save lots of time by reducing confusion (redirecting of mail/invoices/phone bills etc).”

Not everyone is happy with the change, as one third-year Broadcast Journalism student said: “They asked [students in ICS] whether we wanted the name changed and we said we’d rather have the money spent on student services and equipment. I think most people see it as a waste of time and money.”

Sean Hayes

Photo: Sam Broadley

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