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Situated on Brudenell Grove, Boss Burgers certainly hasn’t entered an area lacking takeaway restaurants, yet it’s their approach to the style of takeaway that is hoping to get them noticed.

With both chefs coming from restaurant backgrounds, Boss Burgers has attempted to create a half-way house between restaurant and classic takeaway. They’re adding something entirely new to the Leeds dining menu by ensuring that their entire menu is homemade and, where possible, their food is completely fresh and locally sourced. It allows their customers to be confident about the origins of the food, a privilege all too scarce in the takeaways across Leeds. Boss Burgers also offer a relaxing environment to dine in house, although not the biggest of spaces.

Visiting in only their third week of trading, my expectation was scenes of chaos and confusion as the partnership attempted to make their stamp on the Leeds takeaway scene. The reality was far from it, entering the restaurant it appeared to already be enjoying a substantial amount of attention from locals who generally seemed very impressed with their food.

I chose their ‘Los Pollos Delicioso’, a spicy marinated chicken fillet with guacamole, tomato, lettuce and their house made Boss Mayo. At times it was a struggle to keep all the ingredients in the burger, but this was more due to the sheer size than anything else. What found my mouth was delightful, the chicken was cooked perfectly and even the bread, sourced from a local baker, added so much more than a usual takeaway. The desire to use fresh ingredients really shows in the quality of the burger and you could easily be forgiven for forgetting you were in a takeaway instead of a “proper” restaurant. My companion had their ‘Smokeback Mountain’ burger, which, we were told, is their most popular order. The burger consists of a beef burger, smoked back bacon, Yorkshire cheddar, lettuce, smoked BBQ sauce and Boss Mayo. It didn’t take long to realise why this would be a favourite. The beef is minced on site and you can really experience that the place is a world apart from other takeaways.

The price of the burgers is undeniably quite a bit higher than what you are used to from other takeaways in the area, but this is a testimony to the quality andsourcing of their ingredients rather than overpricing, and the rise in quality certainly outweighs the price gap. Boss Burgers currently just offer burgers for collection, however they are looking to start deliveries within the next couple of weeks, as well as using their access to fresh ingredients to add milkshakes to their menu in the future.

It would be a surprise to see Boss Burgers not live up to their name as they take off in the takeaway world.

Freddie Gray

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