Comedy | Alun Cochrane @ The Library – the end of a brilliant tour

The prestigious House of Fun comedy Club signalled an end to their 10 year residency at the Library Pub with yet another stand out show, with the likes of Alun Cochrane and Andre Vincent brought in to commemorate one of Leeds’ finest comedy nights. With the club planned to move back to its initial home at The Original Oak in Headingley, the performers and crowd looked to make this last show a memorable one to celebrate what has been a dazzling residency at the Library Pub.

The cheery, confident compere Barry Dodds opened the revelry, interacting animatedly with the crowd and jokingly rousing any unsuspecting students looking to celebrate a discreet Valentine’s Day eve with their partners, as one unlucky couple at the front of the crowd were continually subjected to torrents of comically awkward teasing throughout the show.

With the mood lightened and the audience ready for the action, the enigmatic Alun Cochrane stepped up to open proceedings. The gawky, no-nonsense Scotsman is renowned for his comically dry approach to stand up, beginning his shows with uncomfortably prolonged silences amongst rambling comic anecdotes. Much of his comedy begins simply from everyday happenings, with the majority of his wry routine stemming from his family and his endearingly absurd relationship with his children. As Cochrane gradually built up his act, the audience became more and more susceptible to his witty remarks lending a sparkling yet somewhat subdued first half to the show.

With the crowd sufficiently warmed up, Cochrane’s comic counterpart in the form of Andre Vincent stepped up to wonderfully round off the night. The stout figure of Vincent provided a much cruder standard of comedy to the dry witticism of Cochrane, as Vincent proceeded to comically tear members of the crowd apart in his frenzied routine. An insight into Vincent’s clownish Valentine’s day love life left the audience in fits, whilst his attempt to demonstrate why men should shave downstairs every now and then for their partners provided a particular highlight to his raucous routine.

The offbeat comic combination of Cochrane and Vincent lent the night a delightful conclusion, marking the end of a brilliant tour at the Library Pub, who have been housing one of the best providers of grass roots comedy in Leeds in the last decade.

Oscar Ponton

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