Sport | BUCS Netball delivers high-scoring wins for Uni

Leeds 2s v Hull 1s:

In the final quarter Leeds’ fitness really shone through as they continued to play to a high standard and maintain their large lead even though a few changes were created against them. Olivia Ellis came on at C showing her opponent no mercy, turning over many balls, which were then fed into Katie Hartnoll who came on at GS who held her space well, and Natasha Scott who moved to GA showing not only could she shoot but defend just as well, defying Hull with her extendable arms!

MOTM: Natasha Scott

Leeds 6s v York St Johns:

For the second time this term we faced York St Johns. Last time out we dominated, with a score of 52-9, but still this time we were determined to increase our goal difference further. Our warmup lacked intensity and the first quarter didn’t go as smoothly as last weeks match, as play lacked concentration. In the second quarter, however, we were determined not to drop to York’s level. Alice Gargan once again demonstrated excellent movement around the circle and the majority of turnovers resulted in a goal. Tarnia Bleasdale made her debut at Centre and did an excellent job supporting the shooters. The match ended in 67-6, exceeding our 65 goal target.

MOTM: Alice Gargan

Sidonie Wilson

Image courtesy of the University of Leeds

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