Film | The Lego Movie – This film is for you, whatever your age

Image: Warner Bros.

No words can fully describe how excited I was for this film. Not only is it a Lego movie, it was created by the same guys who made Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. By taking an ordinary minifigure called Emmet and making him extraordinary, the Lego Movie formed something you don’t quite expect from a childrens movie. This film very much sits with the style of Wreck it Ralph in that it appeals to a young audience in its form and colour, and it appeals to older audiences through thoughtful ideas, dialogue and memories of the past.

There’s much more to this movie than just lots of colourful bricks. It centres around solid morals and a story questioning a whole range of issues. On the surface it’s extra fun and entertaining, as the master builders attempt to save the day from President Business destroying the Lego city. Where else could you find Batman, Superman, Abraham Lincoln and Gandalf all in one movie?

You are transported to the Lego universe as you follow a huge cast of actors playing very diverse characters. I enjoyed the character of ‘Benny the 80s Something Space Guy’ and I wasn’t alone. One child insisted on quoting this character even after his parents told him off. This film managed to keep up a love of Lego for fans of all ages as well as keeping the storyline a surprise. It all boiled down to a thoughtful and interesting ending that I didn’t expect. No matter what your age, don’t be embarrassed to go and see this film; it isn’t just made for fans of the franchise, but also for those who just want a laugh.

Paisley Boyd

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