News | Cuppa and a slice of Christianity

Everyone loves a cuppa but most would be sick of tea after 250 cups of it.

The Christian Union estimates that it’s given out that many steaming cups of char this week during the “biggest Christian Week of the year”.

Their aim has been to get students talking about the “taboo” subject of religion, with a tent outside the Union and a stunt involving a ‘caged’ student every day.

The society has re- ported increasing mem- bership and conversions to Christianity over the last year.

Brad Balmer, a third- year Chemistry student who converted at univer- sity, said: “People are shy to admit being a Christian. It shouldn’t be that way.”

He added: “Every year, we have lots of people who start going to church because of Christian Week”.

A third year student told LS: “I just went in for a free cup of tea and they were all really friendly and didn’t pres- sure me to talk about Christianity or convert or anything!”

Charlotte Mason

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