News | Low prospects for Leeds graduates

Leeds is one of the worst universities for graduate employment in the Russell Group.

The Complete University has listed the university 36th on its list of top Universities for graduate prospects for further study or employment six months after leaving University.

Leeds University’s ranking in graduate prospects placed it amongst the lowest of the Russell Group universities in that category, with only Liverpool, Southampton and York rating lower for students’ employment post-graduation.

A total of 124 Universities were ranked in the Graduate Prospects list, with St. George’s University of London ranking the highest for graduate employment. The other Universities in the top three for graduate prospects were Bucking- ham and Imperial College London, while the universities of Bolton and East London ranked the lowest.

Leeds currently has a Graduate Employment score of 71.9, a drop from last year when its score was 73. Institutions like Cambridge and UCL have scores of over 82.

Asked about Leeds’ low graduate employment rating, Director of the University Career’s Centre Dr. Bob Gilworth said: “A lot of students don’t have firm career plans by the time they start their final year. For many students, making choices is the scariest part of the whole process, especially in a market where 60% of opportunities don’t rely on your degree subject.’”

He added: “A lot of people who come here from outside of Leeds want to stay. Very often they’ll stay in Leeds as a lifestyle choice not a career choice, doing something which is not a graduate destination necessarily.”

Gilworth cited the fact that while 300 students had expressed interest in local opportunities last year, only seven people had attended an introductory meeting.

Sean Hayes


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