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The prospect of traipsing into university on a Monday morning can be miserable; with a line up of long lectures, never ending seminars and a few tedious tutorials, it’s hard to believe there may be something to brighten your day.

For two and a half years, the producers of greens, bakes and a Mediterranean nibbles have set up shop outside our union, waiting to welcome us to the week. Offering the empty-pursed student fresh and affordable food, you may find yourself making Monday your new favourite day of the week. With a true knowledge and passion for their produce, these perky producers should easily steer you from the all too convenient supermarket, especially as there is little they cannot provide.

For a pre-tutorial treat, drop by Cottage Cakes; they pride themselves on quality cakes at reasonable prices. For just £1.20, fill up on a ‘Fat Betty’, delivered fresh from the Dales. For dinner, why tolerate micro-waved monotony when you need look no further than the Organic Pantry, a new edition to the Union’s market. ‘Fresh-food is brain food’ gleans the Pantry’s proud store-holder, gesturing to a colourful variety of fruits and vegetables.

The battering winds and rains of Britain may fire you up for a taste of the foreign, of where the sun does shine. Mediterranean treats from Olivicio cater for all Italian itches, providing great variety for vegans and veggies alike. Three time winner of the Great Taste award, their stall is worth a visit. Then, to wrap up your round of the market, why not stop for a hog roast? Or some soup? The pennies saved on prize produce will mean you can afford a small feast.

It’s criminal to ignore the great goods available at the doorstep of the union. It’s local, it’s affordable, it’s high quality; Far more satisfying than a supermarket dash.

You can read some LSi recipes to rival those of Cottage Cakes from Fresh Slice

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