TV | Modern Family – Will season five be the last?

Modern Family returns with its 5th season, and as expected the show did not let us down. The season premiered with the announcement of legalisation of gay marriage, and the plot becomes driven by Cam and Mitchell’s plans of finally tying the knot. This as a lovely touch to the overall dynamic of the show, as the whole idea of “Modern Family” is to celebrate the diversity of relationships, and forming a legal family unit takes this concept to a new level. The episode is filled with heart-warming yet amusing moments where the two try to beat one another to the proposal, culminating with them locking eyes and saying “I do” at the most unexpected moment. Not going to lie, it definitely brought a tear to the eye.

Meanwhile at the Dunphy household, Claire and Phil are devising their devilish plan to have “kid-free week” by carefully coordinating their kids’ vacations. Modern Family certainly did not lose its particular subtle sense of humour as we are presented with a set of awkward miscalculations on the parents’ part. The kids have grown up before our eyes on the show, and it is interesting to see how their characters have developed and personalities unravelled.

At the Pritchett-Delgado house, that has become fuller since the arrival of baby Joe, Jay is trying to speed up the process of sending Manny on vacation to Colombia, before Gloria changes her mind. As events progress, we see Jay’s usually carefully hidden sensitive side. One of the things most loved about the show, and an aspect that it has always stayed true to, is the multidimensionality of its characters and morale they manage to teach us at the end of every episode.

Overall, there are positive impressions and high hopes for the new season. There is however, the question of how much longer the show can continue before it ultimately comes to a halt; sadly enough it seems that season 5 could become the finale. There is only so many situations that can be created before it stops being funny and becomes mundane. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the season develops and what surprises the creators have in store for us.

Watch the trailer for season five here

Sofia Dedyukhina

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