News | Halo job – hotties only

Are you an ugly, douchebag? Bad luck, you can’t work at Halo’s new event.

Halo wants their new night WeAreSaturday to become the hottest around by recruiting “ExtraHot party people”. The job advert states “no pretentious douchebags need apply”!

Speaking to LS, Halo’s Promotions Manager, David Roman, explained the campaign is targeted at students, who “appeal to our market”.

He said it was “not necessarily” important for applicants to be “hot”, adding: “We are employing dancers, so it applies in that aspect”.

Roman denied that the ‘ExtraHot’ slogan would deter less attractive applicants, explaining: “I’m not saying looks are the most important thing. We’ll give everyone a shot”.

A First year Spanish student told LS: “I go to a club to dance and drink. Who cares what the staff look like?”

But another student admitted: “It adds to the evening if there’s hot barmen!”

Charlotte Mason

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