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As North London born brand Jackson & Jerome approaches it’s third birthday, as does the launch of the designer trios latest collection.

This time around, they’ve veered away from the first collections powerful staple motif of a gold Pharaoh emblazoned on black crew-neck jumpers and crop tops, and have moved onto bespoke hand-dyed unisex sweaters, T-shirts, beanies and bucket hats in clashing stone greys and psychedelic reds and purples. Co-founders and friends Theo, Jack and Steven started with only £800 to their name in 2011, but rather than fading into a distant memory of a failed start-up venture in the current economic climate, this Spring the boys have cut their production costs by committing to making all their clothes themselves, meaning that each item is unique.

Theo, who has a degree in Business & Marketing, states: “Our clothing is an expression of our ideas, feelings, and passions for our surroundings; our beliefs and differing personalities. From simply experimenting with dyes on our own clothes, we soon realised there was a buzz about the samples we produced, so it was all there for us to push the concept.”

Jackson & Jerome admit that they look to urban favourites such as Trapstar and Carhartt for inspiration, though they do try to stay away from observing their competitors too closely, keeping with their design ethos of creating pieces of the highest quality that represent their own urban individuality – and, they’ve managed to ensure that their prices remain ‘student friendly’ and accessible to everyone, with price points ranging from £12-£30. Theo adds: “if you’re constantly looking over your shoulder at what the company next to you is doing, it’ll always be difficult to maintain your own vision of what message you want to get out there through your clothes. That is why the concept behind Jackson & Jerome has stemmed completely from us, and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve got in store for the future!”

Aside from producing clothes, they also offer a bespoke tailoring service and design custom items upon request, for those in search of even more affordable exclusivity. Jackson & Jerome hope to expand into accessories including jewellery and eyewear in the not-too-distant future.

Keep up to date with their latest enterprise on, with their hottest collection to date expected to drop in the coming weeks.

Julia Pimentel

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