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As an enthusiast of the outdoors, I’ve found myself out in the wilderness on several occasions recently. Whether it’s been plodding my way to a race finish or up a mountain I’ve always known I can rely on my stash of Snickers bars to get me through. However, my love of the planet’s best chocolate bar has been worn thin with repeated acquaintances on a frozen hillside. So; an alternative. Based on rocky road, but harnessing the delicious nutty power of Snickers, it packs flavour and calories in spades. Perfect for keeping you going outdoors. Or on the sofa.

Six 58g Snickers bars
125g Butter
2 large tablespoons of golden syrup
Handful of dried fruit (eg. mixed dried fruit, raisins, sultanas)
125g Marshmallows
125g Digestive Biscuits

Boil the kettle and once done pour all the water into a large saucepan, place on the hob at a medium temperature. Place all the bars into a large glass bowl and place it into the hot water to begin melting. Meanwhile bash up the digestive biscuits into small (1-2cm) pieces, but try not to create too many crumbs. Use a knife or scissors to cut the marshmallows in half. As the chocolate bars start to heat up, add the butter in several pieces and melt into the chocolate. Add the golden syrup and fold in well. Once the mixture is completely melted and runny, add
the mixed fruit, followed by the biscuits. Now place the bowl with your mixture in cold water to cool it down for 20 seconds, but don’t get water in the mixture. Cooling the mix will help prevent the marshmallows from melting too much into the mixture and help them keep their shape. Add the marshmallows quickly and mix well until everything is distributed evenly. Place in a baking tray lined with baking parchment – I used a circular shallow seven inch cake tray.
Place in the fridge for approximately two hours to cool, then enjoy.

Nick Smith

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