Clubs | Review – Cirque Du Soul presents Aeroplane

Photo: Justin Gardner

Cirque Du Soul, said to have the “travelling, collective energy of colour, magic and dance” the concept certainly does appeal. But as the hype gradually increased, I asked myself whether the club night could love up to its name.

The answer to that question depends on why you went to the night in the first place. The atmosphere at Beaverworks was certainly electric, largely due to the aesthetics of the event. Innovative lighting, decorations and wondering entertainers created a carnival like feel, accentuated by those who made the effort to dress up for the occasion.

You also could not have asked for a better outdoor area, spacious, comfortable and perhaps most importantly sheltered under a marquee, it was the ideal spot to rest between dances.

Nevertheless, one essential part of the night fell a little short: the music seemed almost overlooked by those attending. Either because of the sound quality or because of the crowd, it was sometimes drowned out by chatter on the dancefloor. The headliners were also a little disappointing – Aeroplane’s disco based set was definitely upbeat and entertaining but I couldn’t help looking on jealously at Jackmaster headlining the Newcastle “Cirque” a few months ago.

The infamous basement was perhaps the most fun place to be, with DJs playing old favourites like R Kelly’s ‘Ignition’.

The concept behind Cirque De Soul is extremely refresing; the idea of a club night that tours the country instead of becoming a repetitive feature of the Leeds music scene has been incredibly successful. Even though the music was perhaps not up to the usual standard, the night itself was extremely enjoyable.

Madeleine Davis

R. Kelly – Ignition (Remix) [Zomba Recording]



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