News | Dentistry student “left behind” to die after drugs cocktail

An inquest has been held over the death of Dentistry student Mariam Ali Shaabam Hussain Khesroh.

Ms Khesroh died last April after taking a concoction of Class A drugs in Harrogate, where she had traveled with a group of friends for a night out to celebrate passing her final exams.

Khesroh became ill after taking both ketamine and heroin.  She was found dead the following morning.

The inquest heard that Khesroh started to develop breathing difficulties during the course of the night, however none of her friends called for medical help.

A Detective of Harrogate CID told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “Mariam was dragged to the rear of the building and left behind some bins. There was a further hour-and-a-half delay before an ambulance was called.”

A coroner for the North Yorkshire Police, Geoff Fell, said that Khesroh’s death could have been avoided, adding: “As this tragic case highlights, time is a crucial factor in cases involving the misuse of drugs and any delay in calling for medical assistance can mean the difference between life and death.”

He urged people not to delay calling 999 if someone falls ill while taking drugs.

Khesroh’s family collected her degree on her behalf during this year’s graduation ceremony. No one has been given a criminal charge over her death.

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