News | Alcohol to blame for hospitalized students

Student admittances to A&E for alcohol-related emergencies almost doubled over the course of last year, an LS Freedom of Information request has uncovered.

Between the April to June (Q2) and July and August (Q3) 2013, the number of students who ended up in Leeds General Infirmary A&E due to
alcohol increased by 82 per cent. However the summer months, July to August, were the highest period of the year for alcohol-related admittances to A&E.

Assault was also a key reason for students going to hospital between April and June, according to the information released by LGI. Overall, the months of April through June were 154 per cent higher for assault related emergencies than alcohol
induced injuries.

The summer months, including the lead up to Freshers Week in September saw the lowest number of assault cases in A&E, while also being the highest for alcohol.

Overall, admittances for alcohol and assault related emergencies represented a low proportion of all student visits to the Leeds General Infirmary, located behind campus.

Photo: Leo Garbutt

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