News | No Yolk battling the Eggheads

A team of seven students performed eggcellently during filming for an episode of the BBC’s quiz show Eggheads last week.

The ‘Haute Quizine’ team facing the brain scrambling eggsperience consisted of Max Bruges, Nick Gandy, Matt Fisher, Tom Goldie and Christian Mannsaker, with Jennie Pritchard as the reserve. The “general knowledge quiz” sees teams from all over the UK battle against the Eggheads, seven highly regarded and well seasoned quiz and game show champions.

Yolks aside, the team fought hard to not crack under the pressure.

Although the result cannot be revealed until the show goes on air in six months, LS Lifestyle and Culture Editor Max Bruges said: “It was a fantastic experience: the Eggheads are thoroughly nice guys, and Jeremy Vine might just be the smoothest man on television.”

Jennie Pritchard, another LS Lifestyle and Culture Editor said: “It was great being on the show, everyone really looked after us and there were loads of free biscuits! The boys did incredibly well, and did Leeds proud.”

After the nail biting competition, the Eggheads encouraged the team to consider competing in national quiz competitions.

Oeuf course, such eggcouragement will ensure that this isn’t the last we’ll see of Haute Quizine on their eggventures!

Christian Green

photo: Jennie Pritchard

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