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The Row, Cropped Sweater, £536.60 

As those midterm deadlines loom, pyjamas can often appear a far more appealing option than any of the rigid spectacles showcased on the recent runways. However, high fashion doesn’t have to mean highly uncomfortable, and as much as we love the idea of waltzing around campus in a little Dior dress and some Jimmy Choo sandals, it’s frankly impractical. No, we university students are nothing if not experts at making shabby look chic. We’re not suggesting for a minute that onesies are remotely stylish, or that your slippers should become your new go-to shoe, but we do believe that comfort is key during those laborious liaisons with the library.

One of our favourite knitwear styles this spring is the cropped roll neck, perfect for keeping in the warmth without looking too wintery, and this powder blue number from MKA’s The Row is the ultimate example. With its chambray blue merino wool and long, ribbed-cuff sleeves you’ve got no chance of getting chilly in it, even in Leeds. As Joe Karban, The Row’s production manager, remarked, “Everything Mary -Kate and Ashley do turns to gold”. We couldn’t agree more.

Being such a simple piece, it’s hard to find items to accompany this jumper that wouldn’t look perfect, but we have a couple of suggestions to get you going. Needing little colour elsewhere, a pair of distressed charcoal jeans with a flat black boot will keep the look comfortable and daytime appropriate, while a pair of leather trousers and simple black sandals will offset the softness of the knit, welcoming a tougher evening edge. If the price tag is a little more than your usual woollen casuals, fear not, as several high street and online stores, particularly, have a number of similar pieces at very dissimilar prices. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

Charlotte Teather

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