Music | Album review – We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists
TV En Francais

Having not released a full length album in quite a few years now (the most recent release being the Business Casual EP last year), New York three-piece, We Are Scientists, deliver this latest offering off the back of this quiet period. A particular highlight of ‘TV en Français’ is album opener ‘What You Do Best’ – a poppy  little tune with a rather catchy guitar part. The summery ‘Sprinkles’ feels a bit out of place on cold March evening, but would be perfect for a sunny day. With its jangly guitar and heavy use of cymbals, it feels a bit like the musical equivalent of the sun on your back. ‘Dumb Luck’ injects the album with a feisty edge, which is then completely contrasted by ‘Make It Easy’, which is actually a tad tiresome to listen to. The fact the chorus is made up pretty much entirely of those three words is somewhat irritating, which is unfortunate because it actually has the potential to be a great song with its light and breezy beat. Bonus track ‘Let Me Win’ is on the moody side but it doesn’t stray too far off the pop-indie path this record has led us on. ‘Overreacting’ surprisingly even has a bit of an circa 80s indie ring to it, making for an interesting addition to what is by no means a poor selection of songs, but certainly a safe album which isn’t looking to take any risks.

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