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If you’re looking for a spot of warmth and colourful cheer to match this gorgeous weather, then Soul Kitchen at The Wardrobe is perfect. With a menu of Caribbean and Creole dishes, the restaurant oozes the laid-back and warm vibe reminiscent of holiday restaurants in foreign countries.

GumboWe were treated to deliciously warming spicy Gumbo – a Southern American broth-like dish with a strong tomato flavour, chunky vegetables and a spicy kick. Although the accompanying bread sticks were rather dry, the Gumbo alone was the perfect starter to precede the main meal.

Soul Kitchen offers a wide variety of freshly cooked food, including patties, salads with smoky bacon, ham hock and sweet potato and a variety of meats served with a choice of glazes and rubs. We chose the Creole jambalaya and chicken in mango and tomato chutney, with sides of sweet potato chips and roasted Caribbean vegetables.


JambalayaThe jambalaya was crowned with two king prawns and the vibrant rice was scattered with chicken, smoked Caribbean sausage, peppers and peas, with tangy overtones of lemon and lime. The grilled chicken was moist and tender and the mango and tomato chutney, specially recommended by the waiter, was a delicious compliment. The sweet potato chips, like all the food on the menu, were a tasty alternative to other less healthy snacks.

However, if you are on a diet, try and stay away from their ‘Yummy Yank Desserts’. These change regularly but we opted for the ultimate chocolate brownie with Oreos, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, marshmallows and cookie dough. Tasty, yet heavy-going, and if it wasn’t for the gorgeous light and creamy vanilla ice cream, it would have been difficult to get through the thick slice.

If it wasn’t for the pricey dishes (Averaging at about £13 for a main meal), and its slightly isolated location (Across the road from the bus station near the West Yorkshire Playhouse) Soul Kitchen would be the ideal student eatery. Instead, if you just want to escape to the land of palm trees and exotic grub for a while, Soul Kitchen is the perfect choice.

Jessica Murray

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