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Love Letters

To build up to Metronomy’s first album in three years has centred around Joe Mount, his inspirations and his previous successes. After all, there was no doubt 2011’s The English Riviera deserved its Mercury nomination but whilst listening to Love Letters, there is an unshakeable feeling of disappointment and a suggestion that allowing his fellow band members to step forward into the limelight would have been a blessing. Drummer Anna Prior, in particular, could have revelled vocally and does so in parts but the focus on Mount as Metronomy seems to become tiresome. Where exactly Mount and Co. should have taken the record as a whole is subject to debate and whilst it retains the charm of all previous Metronomy work, it fails to inspire. The R&B drums and lo-fi synths are as vibrant as ever and whilst the record is successful in tilting hates to bygone eras it is rather unlike a rocket shooting for Mount’s astrological subject matter, it fails to take off. ‘I’m Aquarius’, the focus of said astrological lyricism is one of the highlights, as well as the instrumental ‘Boy Racers’ which is vintage Metronomy. It’s different, has a real European Electro feel to it and the tune is as contagious as chicken pox at a seven year old’s party. It’s fair to say Metronomy aren’t going anywhere and their global tour will demonstrate how loyal their masses of fans are. The record isn’t bad but it doesn’t challenge the listener or even make you fall in love just as you might have hoped.

Jamie Taylor


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