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Why do you want to be LS Editor?

It’s not too bold to say that I’m the person who best knows the paper. Having worked in both News and Culture, I know that it’s a tough job but I’ve stepped up to the plate and had a really amazing time. My number one priority is to work for the students. I’m doing this because I love the paper and I want to be accountable, opening and welcoming to them.


What’s your view for the future of the paper?

I’d cut News by a page or two so we can do more investigations and focus on more high-quality stories and make LSi bigger to have more space for the cultural stuff. I’d focus my efforts on making sure no section of the paper goes neglected. I also want to make the paper more inclusive with a weekly Editors’ Office Hour to remember that we’re serving Leeds students.


What stance should LS take on campaigns?

The paper really shines when there’s an issue on campus to which we can give a voice. However, I think that rather than leading campaigns, we should support ones that exist already. LS has done a really good job supporting the Tequila campaign, but the lead must come from students and not the person sitting in the Editor’s chair.



Why should students vote for you to be Editor?

I live and breathe Leeds Student. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m the most experienced candidate, writing for every issue that I’ve been on campus. Having that responsibility is a really important thing. I’m professional and passionate and would work hard to make the paper as perfect as possible.


Why is it important for LS to engage with campaigns?

I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty to fight for those things that we all believe in. Last year’s Tequila campaign really brought LS together. We had a voice to change something that we all thought was wrong, regardless of our political persuasions. It’s a way of getting students on board to activate change. However, it’s important to have a democratic platform to let everyone express their opinion.


How would you involve students in the paper?

My open door policy and weekly forum would make the office literally and metaphorically always open. I want LS to be approachable. People should feel more comfortable expressing their ideas if they can meet the team. I’d also hold a massive networking event at the start of the year for new writers and be willing to take on anyone’s thoughts on how we can push the paper forward.


Charlotte Mason

Photo: Tyron Louw

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