News | Torn down campaign posters spark outrage

Candidates in the Leadership Race have expressed their outrage after two unknown culprits ripped down posters in the Union to make bunting.

Two people carrying black bags made their way around the Union taking down posters at approximately 10:20pm on Monday evening. They were stopped by security and asked to leave, which they complied with. The posters later re-appeared in the Union in the form of decorative bunting, arranged by the two students, at approximately 8:15am on Thursday morning.

LS Editor candidate Jasmine Andersson described the students’ actions as “sadly underhand”, adding: “I feel really annoyed by the fact that it wasn’t a co-operative action.”

“When the posters are torn down it means that we lose out in some ways. We work on a tight budget.” She added: “Many of us feel that we are green, and I consider myself to be green.”

LS understands that the stunt was an action against the environmental impact of candidates’ campaigns. However, the pair have not affiliated themselves or their actions with any society.

When asked to give their names or comment on their actions they declined. LS counted 1,320 posters in the Union foyer and along the Red Route alone, which would come to an average cost of £237.60.Each candidate must budget the total cost of their campaign to £75, £40 of which can be claimed back from the Union.

One candidate told LS that they spent £61 on their campaign and printed around 270 posters. Another candidate said that they used 120 A3 sheets to make their posters, as well as making large numbers of flyers.

Natalie Irving

Sean Hayes 

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