News | Tequila copycat comes under fire

The Tequila club night appears to be back, with a new night at The Faversham under the name Qualite UK, an anagram of ”Tequila”.

The club night came under fire following the release of a promotional video called “Fresher’s violation” in which students joked about raping female clubbers. An investigation by West Yorkshire Police found evidence of excessive drinking, and over-heating the rooms, which led to the closure of Mezz, the club which hosted the famed Tequila night.

Councillor Neil Walshaw was concerned over the launch of the new night. He said: “We will all be watching. We will not tolerate the use of rape culture or other misogynistic materials in any way.” He added that it seemed as though Qualite were “consciously trying to ape [Tequila]” with their marketing strategies.

The new night, due to happen next Thursday, has drawn attention from the FemSoc, who protested against Tequila in November. Freya Potter, co-ordinator of the society, said: “We really want to try and work with The Faversham and Tequila UK to adopt a zero tolerance to sexual harassment policy and train their staff so they can make sure students are safe.”

After speaking to Councillors and Licensing companies, Potter hopes to extend her zero tolerance campaign to other night clubs, including The Faversham. LS spoke to the Faversham, which is located on campus, who stated that at the moment Qualite is a one off event.

Hayley Johnson, the marketing and business manager said: “Qualite is a brand a new night with brand new promoters who will run a responsible and fun event. We hope that our customers will understand that Qualite is not Tequila.” She added: “The only similarity is the group of customers who are predominately students. As we are a responsible venue we have consulted with the police throughout this whole process as we would with any other event we were running” “They have owned their events company, Voodoo, for eight years, they manage well-established and well run events across the city.”

Maddy Keating

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