News | Youths burgle Hyde Park students

People living in the Hyde Park area have admitted to feeling unsafe after another student house was burgled in the area.

The burglary took place on Tuesday night at approximately 8.30pm. The student occupants of the house refused to hand over any items to the gang of youths who raided their house.

Ultimately the would-be robbers left empty-handed. Three male suspects were arrested in connection to the incident, which took place on Hessle Road in the Hyde Park area. Two of the suspects are aged 15, while the third was 16 years old have been arrested in connection with the incident and are currently in custody.  Another man, aged 36, was arrested on the same night under suspicion of burglary. He appeared before Leeds Magistrates Court yesterday.

These incidents follow the spike in burglaries that LS reported in January. More than 30 houses in student areas were burgled in the first two weeks of the year, with 64 per cent of these having been left insecure.

One third-year student who lives in the Hyde Park area said: “Fear of burglary has been a big part of living in Hyde Park ever since I’ve been here. You have to be extra careful when locking up.” Another Hyde Park resident said: “I’m always scared of being burgled. It’s a constant fear.”

Sean Hayes

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