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It’s not often that you get an insight into a job so far removed from everyday life that it literally happens off planet.

Chris Hadfield is a man who has done it all – alongside commanding the International Space Station, he’s flown fighter jets, recorded music videos and been the owner of a stupendous moustache.

Naturally, he brings all this up in his autobiography, recounting his life in the nicest, most Canadian way, all the while managing to be incredibly interesting. In what other book, for example, would you find stories of breaking into a spaceship with a penknife, or of Cosmonauts urinating on the rear wheel of a bus?

Instead of unfolding in chronological order, Hadfield’s book is more a series of vignettes that focus on various life lessons he has learned across his career. These are generally useful, if a little preachy at times, and are interwoven well with the stories that he recounts.

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth makes for an interesting read, especially for those already curious about space travel, and while you might have no plans to ever become an astronaut, there are certainly useful lessons that you can take from one.

Adam Button

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