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Once you’re in the world of work, you won’t have a glorious month to do whatever you like over Easter. So why not make the most of it? Whether you go on a European adventure or stay in sunny England, make sure you take some well-deserved respite from dissertation and exam woes.


Celebrate St George’s day in style

For all of the students who will be staying in Leeds over the Easter holidays why not celebrate England’s Saint George’s Day with animalistic fever? On April 20, Beaver Works are hosting Insomni-Fest. Sadly there will not be any dragons evident at the event but live animals will be on display, hopefully caged. Professional body painters will be there to transform you so you will fit into this jungle scene. Six headline acts including DJ EZ will feature in six individually themed rooms. Roar with national pride and do not forget to wear your stripes!


Visit the Harry Potter Studios

Continuing with the animal theme, why not pay a visit to Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. The Making of Harry Potter – Feathers and Flight tour and exhibition is open from the April 4-27. Spend a day on the Harry Potter set and relive the magic. See how Hedwig and the other feathered beasts were brought to life on camera. Meet Pigwidgeon, Errol and the others. Look on in amazement as the crows and ravens from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban perform. Discover how hippogriffs were created on special effects. See the Weasley twin’s broomsticks from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. For Harry Potter fans there is really only one place to visit this Easter.


Go on a European break

Maybe you are sick of England and want to travel and see Europe during your break, well, on the April 26 Koningsdag is being celebrated in Amsterdam. Koningsdag is basically translated as the King’s day and is a public holiday in recognition of the royal family. Think the Queen’s Jubilee but less jingoistic. People and tourists take to the street for a day of revels and entertainment. You could listen to the live music or enjoy a DJ. Numerous parties will be held in this carnival atmosphere. Plus an all-day street market so you can by souvenirs for your relatives and memories for yourself. So head off and do not forget to pack your bright orange top! Easter is typically a period devoted to Christianity, but if you’re an atheist or just looking to have a whacky time in your April break, Germany celebrates Walpurgisnacht on April 30 in Brocken, Harz Mountains and is enriched in German folk lore. This pagan celebration includes bonfires, crazy get-ups, expressive dancing and if you want the best spot you will have to climb up a mountain.


Go skiing

Sick of traditions and customs? Want something action packed, mind blowing and insanely fun? Well, why not go to the Snowbombing music festival in Austria between April 7 and 12. Set on a mountain side it involves skiing and snowboarding down beautiful slopes and a massive line up for festival fans and particularly house music. DJ EZ, Chase and Status and Gorgon City are just a few of the famous names which are featured to perform at this mountain side extravaganza, so why not enjoy two holiday breaks, skiing and a festival, in one glorious holiday. Remember to pack your gloves, scarf and goggles!


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