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Max Cooper

London-based electronica and techno producer Max Cooper is an exciting prospect and what better measure of his potential than the excitement surrounding the recent release of his debut album Human. Rather oddly, usually Cooper prefers to work in miniature but has deemed it appropriate to step up to full length as he tries to further his growing reputation. Human consists of a strange blend of melodies and sounds that come together to form some pretty different and provocative electronic music. Mixing concepts taken from ever-popular contemporary house and old school dub, Cooper creates something that is refreshing and enjoyable to sit back and listen to. Throughout, Cooper contrasts differing styles and this is nowhere more evident than between the classical feeling “Woven Ancestory” and to the later tracks of the album such as “Potency” which have a very computerised and modern sound.

As well as genre based stylistic variety, Cooper incorporates some of the techniques attributed to his heroes. Philip Glass, Tim Hecker and Max Richter all are known for their use of transcendent repetition and Cooper replicates this throughout his work. It is fair to say that this isn’t an album for a party but instead is one for contemplative listening. Take the time, alone, with headphones to enjoy and you will find a record as from a collection of thrown-together dance floor singles as any album can get. Combining glitch, beats and fragility throughout the music, Cooper produces something you need to be in a certain mood to listen to. However, listen at the right time, and you’ll be transfixed.

Leanne Tompkins

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