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Since being deemed auspicious enough to reside in the top five of the BBC’s list of the most promising music talents of 2013, and with one stonking studio album under their wing, CHVRCHES are comfortably riding their merited wave of critical acclaim. When taking to the stage of Leeds Met’s overflowing Student Union on Sunday evening, the Glaswegian trio emanated an aura that merged an admirable blend of self-assured focus and amiable modesty.

Introductions postponed, it is the recognisably feverish influx of the opening beats of ‘We Sink’ that cements their arrival. Lauren Mayberry’s honeyed vocals brilliantly offset the overdosing capabilities of their synth-pop genius, establishing that it is this sweet composition that makes their trademark soundscape so enticingly delicious. With undeniable punctuality and exuberance, the trio provide an hour’s worth of single-worthy tracks picked from their limited but loaded catalogue. While the audience exudes obvious enjoyment, it comes to light midway through the set during anthemic numbers such as ‘Lungs’ and ‘Recover’ that although these tracks possess the irrefutable potential to bring the venue to bursting point, the levels of frenzy are seemingly imbalanced throughout the venue. The means of justification for this is found in the hugely evident age diversity of CHVRCHES’ fanbase and the presence of so many mature fans clutching pints occupying the sides and rear of the venue.

CHVRCHES single-handedly create music that can invoke more solitary appreciation of their musicianship, with eyes half closed and your head bobbing like it’s completely beyond your control. Their sound is cleverly crafted and undoubtedly consistent, and what’s more is that Mayberry’s in-between chat is perspicacious and riddled with dry wit. With ‘The Mother We Share’ concluding the set, their flair for addictive hooks is reaffirmed and the effect of their knack permeates the venue following their goodbyes.

Libby Weeks

photo: clubnme

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