News | First bus fares set to rise

As of March 30, the biggest bus firm in Leeds will be increasing many of their ticket prices.

Single and return fares are set to rise. However, adult day, week, month and annual prices for local and West Yorkshire-wide travel will remain the same.

Most of First’s £1.10 Leeds journey prices will increase by 10p. Its £2.10 fares will rise by the same amount.

According to an operator, the explanation for these increasing fares is “rising costs”. Simon Pearson, First’s commercial director for West Yorkshire, stated: “We have frozen a number of our fares including all of our West Yorkshire wide tickets and all our local Leeds day, week, month and annual tickets. We aim to provide good value for money for our customers by ensuring that our fares remain attractive. Where some single and return fares are changing we have worked hard to keep any increases to a minimum and the overall changes are well below inflation.”

This follows a 10 pence price rise to single and return fares only two months ago, in January. Many university students have expressed dismay at these ticket changes. Speaking to LS, Emma Rice, a first year English and History of Art student said: “I don’t think it will dissuade people from taking the bus, however I would prefer a more detailed explanation as to why First have decided to raise fares”.

Rex Russell, a first year Cinema and Photography student said: “The rise hasn’t affected me, I only use the bus once or twice a week and if the price increase helps the buses to run more efficiently, then that’s fine by me”.

Maddy Keating

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