News | Rising thefts in Essentials

Thefts from Essentials have doubled over the last three years.

Since the 2009/2010 academic year, thefts have increased by 100 percent among student offenders and increased eight fold among non-student offenders.

An Essentials staff member, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “A lot of theft among young people is done as a dare, or because of bravado.”

They added that they believed “very little of [the thefts] are committed out of necessity,” citing one example of a thief who stole food every day for two weeks but was then able to pay the accumulated cost on their credit card.

This revelation follows last week’s theft in which a known offender attempted to steal yoghurt and corned beef, as well as threatening security. A second year student, studying Italian, said: “I think it’s really interesting that thefts went up after 2010 because that’s the same time that the rise to £9k fees was announced.”

Welfare Officer Charlotte Warner said:“If students feel like they are struggling with their money, please visit the advice centre for free, confidential advice.

They can offer support with issues such as budgeting and can also offer emergency assistance such as food parcels for eligible students.

Sean Hayes

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