Features | What could you afford with BBC Three?

Earlier this month it was announced that in order to cut costs, BBC Three is being axed as an on-air channel. With an operating budget of £85 million, LSi looks at what we could buy with that much money. BBC Three, we hardly knew you.


To give you some much needed context. One Gareth Bale.


Gareth Bale


The tuition fees of 3148 students.





Two pints a lager and a packet of crisps 15,454,545 times at Old Bar.




85, 00000 Coach journeys from London to Cardiff. Incidentally, £85 million is how much it would cost to get me to visit Wales.




The salaries of 3,898 first year teachers.


bad education


17,000,000 cans of “Goth Juice” hairspray (Made with the tears of Robert Smith).




425, 000, 000 copies of the Sun. 




Or an infinite number of copies of the Metro. 


Benjamin Cook

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