Clubs | Review – Butter Side Up with Rick Wade

The most recent edition of Butter Side Up saw another Detroit house originator come to the smoky confines of Wire, in another smart booking which only adds to BSU’s credentials as the foremost house and techno night in Leeds right now.

Theo Parrish for a six hour set was perhaps a safe (though nonetheless commendable) bet for a solid night, but having booked less recognisable, excellent selectors like Amir Alexander and Hunee as well as the several motor city veterans in recent months, there’s no other night that is so on point with the acts they’re bringing to Leeds.

The residents on the night warmed things up very nicely, while the dancefloor felt busy but with plenty of room to fling your arms in appreciation of the steady, deep house which was being spun as people were still taking their place in the dance. One of the downfalls of Wire can be its popularity, resulting in a night spent wriggling amongst the corridor between the toilet and the bar, which fortunately wasn’t the case here.

Wade stepped up to the decks around 1am and laid down a set which was populated by the kind of melodic but dancefloor-ready productions which should have been familiar to anyone acquainted with his Harmonie Park imprint. Some piano-loaded house provided a euphoric release in a set which was measured and calm, while laced with touches of melody and rich productions which really shone on the system in the club. It was a shame, though, that Wade didn’t play the three hour set that was advertised.

This isn’t to say that the residents didn’t step up to the occasion, but it was a shame to not have more of what was clearly a master at work. The music took a diversion from the deep house stylings of Wade after this, with more spacious, percussive house being served up, moving onto some bassline heavy 2-step being thrown in for good measure.

When things get heavier towards the end of the night it can often go one of two ways, but in this case it was judged well and there was a nice contingent of people going with the shift in the music until the end.

With the extremely eclectic duo Optimo coming to host things in April, all I would say is: more of the same, please.

Jake Hulyer


Rick Wade – ‘Deep N Dirty’ [Harmonie Park]

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