TV | Freeview Flicks of the week – Sleepers, Submarine and good old King Kong

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Our latest LSi round up of the best films on TV. This week we encounter Brendan Gleeson as an unorthodox Irish policeman, look after a baby with three bachelors and fight off a giant gorilla!

MONDAY – Battle Royale (Film4 01:20)

A clear inspiration for the popular Hunger Games series of books and films, the Japanese film Battle Royale is more shocking, brutal and bloody. It is certainly not for everyone with a horrific amount of violence committed by children, but if you are not faint-hearted this superb psychological thriller is worth the watch. Tense with intelligent social commentary at the centre, the story is well written and ensures you are hooked from the first minute.

TUESDAY – Sleepers (ITV4 23:30)

Although you may have developed a hatred for Kevin Bacon after seeing him in those awful EE adverts, you cannot doubt his talent as an actor after seeing him in Barry Levinson’s Sleepers. Split into three parts, the story is well written following a group of men out for revenge after being brutalised in a detention centre when they were younger. Claiming to be based on a real story the accuracy of the film is doubted, but this does not affect the brilliant directing, acting and writing.

WEDNESDAY – King Kong (Film4 15:45)

Later this year one of cinema’s most famous monsters is returning to the big screen in Godzilla, so maybe it is time to revisit the often overlooked 1976 King Kong, another infamous cinematic monster. Yes it is daft, yes the special effects are not great and yes the acting is rather wooden, but still it is enjoyable to watch and features on many film fanatics guilty pleasures lists.

THURSDAY – Paper Moon (Channel 4 02:20)

Another 1970’s film now, the wonderful Paper Moon is charming, beautiful and rather cute. Set in the Depression era it has a touching story as we follow a con man saddled with a young girl who may be his daughter. Ensuring it does not sink into cliché and cringe worthy mushiness, director Peter Bogdanovich adds elements of comedy and drama that are well balanced. This film is perfect to watch in bed with a cup of tea to take your mind off exams.

FRIDAY – Three Men and a Baby (More4 22:25)

A film that is directed by Leonard Nimoy, AKA Spock, stars Tom Selleck (Richard from Friends) and is titled Three Men and a Baby, means they’ll be guaranteed laughs. The plot is simple, three bachelors are forced to look after one of the guy’s girlfriend’s baby, but it works tremendously with the result being a feel good film that puts modern comedies to shame. Cute and charming, it also has a gangster subplot to save it from being overly cheesy.

SATURDAY – The Guard (Channel 4 23:10)

Poor John McDonagh is best known for being the brother of Michael, who directed the popular In Burges and Seven Psychopaths. What makes this more tragic is that his work is actually better! With his new film Calvary coming out over Easter, The Guard is a must watch to get the excitement going. Witty, hilarious, shocking, dramatic and brutal, it combines a whole range of genres to make a film that is difficult not to love. Brendan Gleeson is fantastic as an unorthodox Irish policeman, of course, who is teamed up with Don Cheadle’s FBI agent to hunt down a drug smuggling ring.

SUNDAY – Submarine (Film4 23:20)

Another director with a film out over Easter is Richard Ayoade whose movie The Double hits cinemas this week. Best known for playing the wonderful Moss in The I.T. Crowd, his first venture into the world of directing was with the charming Submarine. A quirky story about a teenager who aims to lose his virginity and break the flame between his mother and her ex-lover, Craig Roberts, steals the show as you fall in love with him. Paddy Considine and Sally Hawkins also give great performances in supporting roles.

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