News | Deposits withheld from halls of residence

Charles Morris has had the highest amount of deposit money withheld out of all halls of residence, LS can reveal. In the 2012/13 academic year, Charles Morris students lost £9, 524.28 collectively from their deposits to pay for damages to carpets and replacing chairs.

The Tannery, located next to Sentinal Towers and roughly 20 minutes walk from the western side of campus, had the second highest loss of deposits with £8,357.36 and was the only halls to lose deposits due to burnt floor.

James Baillie in Headingley (known to many students as ‘party halls’) lost £4,373.00 in unreturned deposits.

Grayson Heights, which homes 110 post-graduate and mature students, lost just £230.40.

Damages that led to losing deposits across halls most commonly included: lost keys and broken locks, extra cleaning and furniture damage. Overall, the University withheld £43,165.40 from students deposits in halls of residences. The money goes back on to the University’s accounts to pay for the damages, and to replace or repair broken items.

A University spokesperson said: “damage and abuse to buildings is antisocial and spoils the experience of other students who live in our residences.”

A second year English student said: “The system can be pretty unfair. I lost £5 out of my deposit for an oven clean. I had cleaned it before I moved out but some of my flat mates were still living there and had used it after I left, yet I was still charged.”

Maddy Keating

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