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University of Northampton

Wolf of Northampton

Professor Nick Petford, the vice chancellor of the university has come under fire for his behaviour, after letting his hair down at a student awards ceremony. The 52-year-old was seen buying shots for students, downing Jagerbombs, having a dance-off, and crowd-surfing. The University College Union has called for the university to take action, criticising him for promoting “a laddish culture at the expense of Northampton’s reputation.” Following this incident, the vice chancellor has been dubbed the ‘Wolf of Northampton’, alluding to the recent film ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. Pictures of the event, tagged under the hashtag #wolfofnorthampton, have been circulating Twitter, prompting a lot of outside attention.


The award for Student-Lecturer attraction goes to…

Research has revealed that students at Sussex University are the most likely group in the UK to engage in sexual activity with their lecturers. The research was carried out by ShagatUni, a student dating website, after they noticed an increase in the number of lecturers and members of staff joining the site. A total of 1,773 current UK male and female students were polled. Over half of those who participated admitted to feeling attracted to lecturers currently at the university. Of those, sixty-one percent admitted to ‘flirtatious’ behaviour, and nineteen percent confessed that the attraction had progressed to sexual contact. Using these responses, and location data, it was found that Sussex University students were most likely to act on attraction to lecturers, with fourteen percent of students saying they were likely to act. Leeds Metropolitan University also ranked highly, with seven percent confessing the same.

University of Calgary

STI Test World Record

The university claims to have broken a world record after succeeding in getting 501 people to take a test for Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia over a 24-hour period. The mass test was hosted by the university’s wellness centre, who hoped to raise awareness about the symptomless condition. The centre will now be submitting documentation to Guinness to try and make the record official, after beating the previously held 500-person record.

 Natalie Irving

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