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Bruno Magli Neon Patent-Leather Sandals, £325,

Got that ‘I’d rather be at Coachella feeling’? Or any feeling other than ‘I love being in the over-air-conditioned library when it’s actually sunny outside!’? You are not alone. And just because we’re not running around California with the Delevingne sisters and co. doesn’t mean we can’t pretend, right? Right, well take off those trainers, stop pretending you’re going for a mid-revision jog and buckle up.

With their mid-height block heel, these neon leather buckle-strapped sandals from Bruno Magli’s latest collection are bound to lift your spirits. Pair this pair with some black cigarette trousers and a sheer black tee for a perfectly casual but sophisticated dinner with friends, or colour block with a bright orange shift dress for a summery night out. The height of the heel will leave you with no excuse to leave the dance floor. If you really can’t afford to avoid the library, A) we salute you, and B) who said neon heals aren’t allowed in? They say food isn’t and we’ve certainly scoffed an embarrassing number of kcals on most levels. So, spice up your baggy mom jean and jumper look with these fluro fancies. We’re almost certain it’ll boost your work-rate too, as you’ll obviously have to do a few laps of the campus to show them off. And that’s more exercise than you planned to do today, isn’t it? You can thank us later.

Charlotte Teather


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