TV | Freeview Flicks of the week – Braveheart, Holes & The Artist

Our weekly LSi best freeview flicks picks are here! This week we go running, try to stop a bomb on a train and discover the world of silent cinema.

MONDAY – Fast Girls (Film4 19:15)

This low-budget British film was released in the build-up to the Olympics to excite audiences for the upcoming games. Telling the story of a rivalry between two young female runners it won’t blow your mind but it is enjoyable enough and will remind us all of the patriotic spirit that was sparked by London 2012.

TUESDAY – Sister Act (E4 20:00)

A classic musical that will never die, Sister Act is one of the greatest musicals ever made. Whoopi Goldberg plays a singer who witnesses an awful crime and is forced into hiding in a convent where she struggles to fit in. Of course hilarity and songs ensue, with great performances from all the cast that also includes the wonderful Maggie Smith. There is something infectiously uplifting about this film that will put a smile on your face the whole night.

WEDNESDAY – Braveheart (More4 21:00)

Another classic, Braveheart is an iconic film that deservedly won five Oscars, which included Best Picture and Best Director. Mel Gibson takes on the legendary role of William Wallace, and he also directs. A difficult task to undertake, however Gibson excels and without him Braveheart would not be the classic it is. You will be quoting ‘They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom’ to all your friends for days after.

THURSDAY – Brighton Rock (Channel 4 02:30)

Based on the popular novel by Graham Greene, this 1947 adaptation sees the brilliant Richard Attenborough in the legendary role of Pinkie Brown. A faithful adaptation that is well cast and tells the story well, why waste your time with the 2012 Helen Mirren remake when you can enjoy the classic version for free on Channel 4!

FRIDAY – Source Code (Film4 21:00)

Duncan Jones, the son of David Bowie, had already proved himself as a talented director with his debut Moon, a twisting sci-fi drama. His next film, Source Code, gave him a bigger budget, bigger names and a bigger idea to handle. This was no problem for Jones who has created a fantastic film that combines action with an intelligent and complicated story line harmoniously. The less you know about the story the better.

SATURDAY – Holes (5* 17:40)

Based on the wonderful novel by Louis Sachar, this quirky film about a wrongfully convicted young boy sent to a desert camp where he is punished by having to dig holes will cheer up your Saturday afternoon before the return of lectures. A mature ‘kids’ film, it is a forgotten Disney treasure that actually manages a decent performance from Shia LaBeouf.

SUNDAY – The Artist (BBC2 21:00)

If you are going to watch any film this week, make sure it is The Artist, an outstanding film telling the story of a silent movie star lost with the introduction of ‘the talkies’. It is something quite special and will open your eyes to the wonders of silent, black-and-white cinema. It certainly has changed the way many think about cinema and is worth a try even if you are not keen on the idea of a silent film. It is magical, emotional, funny, dramatic and entertaining, perfect for a Sunday night.

Emily Murray

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