Travel | Bath – A perfect British mini break

Bath is one of the most unique cities in Britain as despite its location it has the charming appeal of a beach town, which is most likely down to its history as a Georgian resort.


Why not pop into Bath Abbey? Renowned for its history, stained glass windows and fantastic views from the towers, Bath Abbey is also home to many a choir and concert. The Abbey accommodates many performances in the evenings which are always a delight due to the atmosphere and acoustics. At present the Abbey is also displaying a selection of intricate needlework – all religious in theme, of course.

If that isn’t quite your cup of Twinnings then the Roman Baths and Fashion Museum might well take your fancy. Alongside this the Jane Austen Centre, and attached Regency Tearooms, are a must see for any literature student as both Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were set in Bath. In the improving weather a stroll around the Botanical Gardens and riverside are an enchanting way to pass the time.


After such a hard day what any student needs is a grand choice of food and drink, and despite all its airs and graces, Bath is the perfect place for both. The Bridge Coffee Shop on Pulteney Bridge offers a wonderful view (although you might not want to imagine the bridge collapsing as you dig into a lemon meringue). Equally, Jacob’s coffee house, situated on the square with the Abbey and the Roman Baths, is the perfect place for a refreshing smoothie or chai latte.


For those looking for somewhere with a bit more of an edge the Jazz Cafe (offering live music) or The Bath Bun (period costumes included) might be more up your street. Pub lovers keep your eyes peeled for tiny hideaways such as The Star Inn, offering a tranquil traditional atmosphere.

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