TV | Prey – An ITV drama that finally begins to live up to Broadchurch

Breaking out of a police van, jumping over and under fences and leading the police on a wild goose chase whilst single-handedly running a murder investigation. DI Marcus Farrow (John Simm) is fighting to prove his innocence; the police wrongly accusing him of killing his wife and young son, and is having his cunning and fitness well and truly tested in the process as he is chased bleeding through the streets of Manchester. ITV’s latest three part drama is exhilarating from the off, and dare it be said, may be the next best thing since Broadchurch.

The mini series opened with the body of a Turkish gangster, covered in peat, coming to the surface and leading Farrow to chase up some dodgy contacts in the local pub. Things take a turn towards disaster, and the very next day, Farrow makes a heartbreaking discovery at his home. His wife and son? Stabbed. Farrow? Completely and utterly destroyed by grief and pain. The police? They are convinced he’s culpable. To make matters worse, Farrow’s best friend, Sean Devlin (Craig Parknison), is well and truly incorporated into the conspiracy again him.

Though the chase is a little cat and mouse, it’s hard not to shout on Farrow as he races around Manchester in search of the allusive ‘Hassan’. Farrow’s determination and creativity in making himself disappear is at once admirable and awe inspiring, and Simm as always is a delight to behold on screen. Get ready for the final part of this crime thriller, airing on Monday at 9pm, where it can only be hoped that Farrow clears his name, amidst more staggering displays of raw emotion and blood fueled chases that is.

You can catch Prey on ITV player now, and the final episode is Monday at 9pm. 

Katie Dawtry


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