News | Re-branded Tequila night returns to original venue

The infamous Tequila club night could be making a resurgence, as last night the re-branded Qualite event returned to Tequila’s original venue.

 The Syn Nightclub is located on Assembly Street in the building formerly owned by the Mezz nightclub, which hosted Tequila until it’s licence was revoked in December.

The Qualite event has previously been hosted exclusively by The Faversham, but last night Syn hosted a ‘one night only’ Qualite night billed as the event’s ‘Summer Send Off.’

 The Tequila club night came under fire last October following the release of a promotional video called “Fresher’s violation” in which students joked about raping female clubbers. An investigation by West Yorkshire Police found evidence of excessive drinking, and over-heating the rooms, led to Mezz having their license revoked.

 The venue on Assembly Street was bought by new management quickly after Mezz was closed. The current owners of Syn Nightclub also own other popular venues such as Chilli White.

 Councillor for Headingley Neil Walshaw, who has spoken out against Tequila in the past, said of the recent developments: “We’ll keep an eye on it.”

 He added: “It’s a free country, but we’ve clearly shown where our lines are. We’re not shy on taking action if we have to.”

 Leeds Student contacted both the Qualite promotional team and the Syn Nightclub for comment but both have yet to respond.

Sean Hayes

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